Fund the Perfect Money Account

How you can Fund the Perfect Money Account

2023-06-09 15:33
2023-06-09 15:34
Fund the Perfect Money Account

There are several ways you can fund your Perfect Money account. The preview of these funding options is available on the ‘Deposit’ section.

Below are some of the options available:

Internal Transfer

You can fund your account by receiving cash through an internal transfer. This means another Perfect Money user sends you money from their account. To obtain the funds, you need to provide the sender with your email address, account number, and phone numbers that are linked to your Perfect Money account.

Note: The amount you receive will be less than what is sent because of the internal transfer fees.

Bank Wire

This option is not available to unverified accounts.

With that said, bank wire transactions are easy because all you need is to fill out a bank wire order form in which you’ll indicate the bank account that will be used for the transaction. You must provide accurate and complete information since it will help to track the status of the bank wire.

Once you fill this form, click on ‘Preview’ and confirm the details you’ve typed in. Also, indicate the primary and secondary certified exchange service from the Perfect Money list of partners and then click ‘Send.’

After 24 hours of the order placement, your primary certified exchange service will receive the order, but if for whatever reason, they cannot process the request, it is moved to the secondary certified exchange provider. Each provider has a maximum of 24 hours to process the order.

Note: You should provide the invoice number in the comment section of the bank wire. Also, the minimum amount you can send through this option is $300 or the equivalent.

The process may take five working days to reflect in your account.

Certified Currency Exchange Partners

Take advantage of these partners to deposit cash into your account. The services are listed on Perfect Money’s page under the certified exchange service partners. Before you choose a partner, study the proposal as some companies offer more exchange services than others.


This is a 16-digit digital certificate that can be used to load any Perfect Money instantly. You can sell or transfer the code to anyone who can, in turn, use it to deposit funds into their account. You can create an e-Voucher in the ‘Statement’ or ‘Withdrawal’ section. No fee is charged for this method. This method is ideal for individuals who don’t want to share their account numbers.


To make a deposit it into your Perfect Money account, you’ll need to make a deposit order with your account number and the amount you wish to be credited with Bitcoin. You will then preview your order and then submit.

Once you submit the order, the system will provide a Bitcoin address with the specific amount that you need to transfer within a day. For the process to be complete, at least three confirmations are required.

Other deposit options include credit exchange and e-currency.